Learn about LaToya

LaToya is all about teaching, tidying, and traveling.


Taught students from grades 3-9, providing a safe place for students to learn. She started her teaching career in 2011 and has been changing lives since. She has a love for education and teaching that you don’t find in many educators. Teaching isn’t just a job to her but her passion.


Passion for organization and traveling created new business ventures.


Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from Coppin State University, 2010


Positively impacting the community in many ways, LaToya enjoys buiding others up!

What I offer

A safe space to make mistakes and learn (tutoring), a space to write all about your great adventures (travel journal) and a way to get your space functional (tidying).

Travel Journals

The travel journal is a place where you can write about all the awesome adventures you’ve experienced, write about the amazing adventures you’re wanting to experience, or both.

Learning With LaToya

LaToya is a mathematics tutor who helps scholars become more confident with math. If you are a parent struggling with the “new math” she is here to help.

Tidy by Toya

Tidy by Toya is a professional organizational business where Toya declutters and creates systems to optimize functionality, space, resources, time, energy and reduce stress. I turn your clutter into an organized space that you will be proud to show off.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

So happy I was able to get tidied by Toya! My closet looks amazing, my clothes are in sections and color coordinated. Toya arrived on time and assessed my situation. She asked what my goal was and if I had a preference on the flow of my closet. I cannot wait to book my next service.


LaToya is hands down the best tutor I have ever had. She assisted me from the Middle school level all the way through College level math. She is extremely patient and welcoming, I cannot thank her enough.


Best decision I’ve ever made was hiring Tidy_by_Toya. My closet thanks her. great customer service. Fast at what she does. I think everyone should get tidied.